Why Opera?

By its very nature, opera is multidisciplinary — possible only when many people bring their varied talents and influences to the service of a single vision to create something unique. We use opera as a foundation for creating a space that integrates different artistic genres to encompass student’s individual interests.

A Little Opera classroom becomes a melting pot for a diversity of skill sets and learning backgrounds, encouraging children to take part in what they love while requiring them to be wildly imaginative and innovative.

At the core of the programme is the belief in the creative capacity of children and the knowledge that opera, a seemingly elitist or inaccessible art form, can be rendered accessible through a collaborative process of art-making. 

Little Opera has thrown its hat into the ring to help shape the next generation of empathetic, collaborative, and problem-solving humans - because that's what happens when the creation of music, theatre, dance, visual art, and literature meets children.