Call for Artists!

Calling all costume makers, set designers, and props folk

Little Opera needs you!


Little Opera is looking for both professional makers and students to join our opera-making team for our two building days. 

What are building days? 

Building days are one of the highlights of the Little Opera season - two days where volunteer artists in the community join our students for a full day of building to make their sets & props or costumes together from scratch.

Here's a peek at what past building days have looked like:


  • Costume Buidling, Sunday, February 18, 1-6pm
  • Set & Prop Building, Sunday, March 11, 1-6pm

Tea a plenty and snacks will be provided to keep us all going, and a travel stipend of £50 is available as a token of our appreciation. 

Please do get in touch if you think this is something you'd enjoy being a part of,

Set Design at The House of Illustration

We met at the House of Illustration today for some set design inspiration. 

We were there to see the Gerald Scarfe: Stage and Screen exhibition and his production designs for Orpheus and the Underworld, The Magic Flute, and the Nutcracker. 

After the exhibition we worked in the HOI's studio classroom and began to create set designs of our own. Mystical forests, a castle protected by poisonous spikes, and lightening streaked skies filled the pages.

We're all looking forward to seeing how these will transform into real sets during set-building day. If you're interested in helping us make these ideas come to life, more information about Building Days can be found here.


Story & movement, movement & story!

The wonderful Charlie Morgan joined us for a movement workshop this week - and much fun was had!

We decided to dive in and see what story ideas could come from some physical character exploration.  The answer, we discovered, lots! 

Witches cast spells, Wolves howled for power, and the Happy Pig found his groove. 

The Wolves connect with their mean streak - eek!

The Wolves connect with their mean streak - eek!

Today A Little Opera was born!

Proudly presenting our 2017-18 opera-makers!

In our first workshop we explored emotion, setting and character, got to know one another and sang. 

By the end of the day, we had two piles of fabulous setting and character ideas! These were all thrown into the mix and at random our little opera was chosen . . .  

Where will our opera be set this year? During a Civil War

Who will our main characters be? A Princess & a Happy Pig

Here's what the morning looked like in pictures : 

"Can we come here forever?"

Emily, Little Opera participant, to her mum at the end of our first session :-)

Our Summer Workshops Were A Blast!

We dove into some fast paced opera creation in June - wrote lyrics, composed melodies, explored characterisation and made masks inspired by two well known tales - Where the Wild Things Are and East of the Moon and West of the Sun

Participants took turns being sculptors and clay, wrote musical character motifs, devised their own duets and a created a chorus of Wild Things!

Here's one of the libretti that emerged:

Here's one of the libretti that emerged:

Wild Things Chorus
(As Max Leaves the Island)

He was sad to leave us.
But he was happy to be home.
He was happy, happy, happy to be home.

He was very hungry.
He hadn't eaten for a year.

He was very fierce and he loved to party.

We were sad to see him go.
We were sad to see him go.

We loved him to bits.
We loved him to bits.
We loved, loved, loved, loved, loved him to bits.