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Little Opera puts story and song in the hands of children. We provide primary-aged students a place to explore drama, music, dance and design in collaboration with professional artists in the creation of their own original opera.

Inspired by her work with the Metropolitan Opera's Education Department and Little Opera San Francisco, London-based music educator and singer Claire Shaw opened the doors of Little Opera UK in March 2017 with a desire to challenge the assumption that opera is not for everyone.

At the heart of the organisation's work is the belief in the creative capacity of children  - we say YES to children's ideas!

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Why Opera? 

By its very nature, opera is multidisciplinary — possible only when many people bring their varied talents and influences to the service of a single vision to create something unique.

We use opera as a foundation for creating a space that integrates different artistic genres to encompass student’s individual interests.                   


The Team 

The Little Opera team and our guest artists are professional artists who act as creative catalysts and provide an essential link in realising each child's creative vision.  Our team aren’t there to tell the kids what to do in order to make their opera, but instead offer tools, ask questions, and guide the students through a creative process.


How we do it

At Little Opera we turn the concept of "First technique, then creativity" on its head.

In the words of Jon Deak, Founder of the Very Young Composer Programme at the NYC Philharmonic, "We validate and support the child's instinctive creations, then offer technical aid.”