The Team

When students and artists come together as equal partners in the creation of an opera, interesting things happen. 

The Little Opera team and our guest artists are professionals in their field who act as creative catalysts and provide an essential link in realising each child's creative vision. They aren’t there to tell the kids what to do in order to make their opera, but instead offer tools, ask questions, and guide the students through a creative process.

Each Little Opera artist teaches a fundamental skill and then collaborates with students to make part of the opera - be it a dance, text, or song. Our artists are challenged to break down their own process into tangable elements: What is it that they actually do to make their work? What questions do they ask themselves? What constraints do they consider? Where do they look for inspiration?

Our artists are reflective practitioners committed to helping our students explore their creativity.  They are co-creators and artistic mentors. 

Claire Shaw ,   Artistic Director & Founder                                                     

Claire Shaw,  Artistic Director & Founder                                                    

Charlie Morgan,  Movement Guest Artist

Charlie Morgan, Movement Guest Artist

James Garner,  Resident Composer

James Garner, Resident Composer

Caitlin Fretwell Walsh  , Movement Teaching Artist and Director                                        

Caitlin Fretwell Walsh, Movement Teaching Artist and Director                                        

Anna Sideris,   Vocal Teaching Artist                                                                                                                              

Anna Sideris, Vocal Teaching Artist                                                                                                                             

In addition to working with the core Little Opera team, students will also take specialised Masterclasses taught by professional artists to deepen their learning.

Masterclass topics vary term by term but topics include:

  • Costume Design
  • Set Design
  • Dance & Choreography
  • Stage Combat
  • Masks and Puppetry
  • Music Composition
  • Singing Technique
  • Character and Drama